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Swegway Boards UK

The biggest celebrity fad since the selfie, our Swegway boards are taking the UK by storm as the must-have personal transportation device. If you haven’t seen the Instagram videos of the modern day Marty McFly’s it’s time to open your eyes to the adventures that you’re missing out on.

Like something straight out of Back to The Future, getting from A to B is no longer a drag when you’ve got these wheels. Built with the same gyroscopic technology as the traditional Segway boards, two sensors under each foot pad detect the micro movements that you make to give the board an almost ‘intuitive’ reaction. Point your toes to go forward or put your weight on your heels to go backwards, it really is as simple as that! 


Depending on the way that you like to roll, you can either relax with minimal effort or speed it up for a thrilling ride.

Available in six different colours, the Swegway boards are coming to the top of the list for this year’s tech innovations, and when they’re as easy to ride as illustrated in our video, what’s the point of walking? You can get all of your daily tasks done in less time and with less effort. Reaching speeds up to 12km/h, the board has a range of 15-20 km with a full charge taking around two hours.

Whether you want to mix up your daily commute into the office to give you the ultimate joyride, or just have a bit of fun, the Swegway brings the most futuristic set of wheels you can afford without having to buy a DeLorean.

Who needs the stress of traffic when you can feel as though you’re floating to your chosen destination with one of our stylish designs.

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